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Local Village Feasts

Village feasts are very popular in Malta, with activities and celebrations lasting a whole week, although the peak is on the final day.  Most of the village feasts are during the summer months, however, there are several other feasts throughout the year.  During a village feast, the church is decorated both inside and outside, as is the whole village (especially the main streets), as a way of honouring the patron saint.  Each village has at least one local band, but most often, there are more, resulting in competition between them to see who celebrates it best.  Throughout the week, the bands organise a number of processions and concerts in the town.  The highlight of the feasts are the fireworks which are most prominent at the beginning and end of the village feasts.  There are fireworks which are displayed at the village centre (usually in front of the church) and then there are displays which are lit from fields near to the village but clearly visible throughout the whole village.  These offer a spectacular scene at night, with certain villages being especially renowned for their great fireworks.