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Rent A Boat Malta is an easy to use platform for people to search for and rent boats.  You can easily search through the list of boats by making use of the searching criteria, to find the perfect boat for you in the shortest time.  Once you choose the right boat for you, you can contact the owner directly by sending him/her a message from the website itself.  Once you settle all the details with the boat owner, you can pay online through PayPal.

If you are a boat owner, this provides you with an opportunity to list your boat for free and hire it as you wish. is advertised globally, giving exposure to your boat on an international level.  We also engage in digital marketing activities on Facebook & Google along with optimizing the website to rank well for various keywords that users are searching for when looking to rent a boat.  If you are interested in registering your boat, drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll guide you through the process.  Registering your boat is free of charge and involves no commitments whatsoever - there’s nothing to lose really!