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Things to do in Malta

From the lovely old villages and cities, to the UNESCO World Heritage sites, you’ll find plenty of places to visit at your own free time in Malta.  If you’re visiting during the summer period, make sure to keep an eye out for any of the local village feasts to get a true taste of the Maltese culture.  Malta is always busy with numerous small and large events going on, with numerous concerts of different genres organised around the island.  Whatever your hobbies are and whatever you enjoy doing on holiday, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for… don’t be fooled by the small size!

Village feasts are very popular in Malta, with activities and celebrations lasting a whole week, although the peak is on the final day. Most of the village feasts are during the summer months, however, there are several other feasts throughout the year.
With the surrounding clear blue Mediterranean sea, Malta is an ideal location for those looking to dive. One can find a number of reefs, caves and wrecks and the good visibility and lack of dangerous sea life, makes the Maltese islands very ideal not only for experienced divers, but also for beginners and snorkelers.
When the weather is not ideal for swimming, it is usually perfect for a short walk in rural areas, or if you’re more adventurous and fit, hiking or trekking in the countryside. As soon as it starts raining after the long, dry and hot summer days, the countryside comes back to life and fills with greenery. You’ll find any scenery which you like - dramatic cliffs plunging into waves, the rocky, scrubland of the garrigue, or hidden lush valleys. Along the way, you’ll come across mysterious, prehistoric sites, caves, chapels and secluded palaces of the Knights.