Rent A


  • 1. How does it work? How can I rent a boat?

    It’s very simple! All you need to do is simply:

    1. Browse through our boats
    2. Locate the ones you’re interested in and check out the full boat profile.
    3. Once you know the ones which you are interested:
      1. if you are interested in multiple boats, all you need to do is click Add To Wishlist on the boats you like to add them to your wishlist.  From the wishlist section (located using the heart icon in the top header), you can then contact them altogether to make your life way easier!
      2. Otherwise, from the full boat profile page you can choose to:
        1. Contact Owner - In case you have a generic enquiry or
        2. Rent This Boat - in case you would like to rent the boat for a particular day(s).
    4. Whatever option you choose, an email will be sent directly to the boat owner and whenever a new message is sent from either party you will both be notified in your mailbox. We suggest you add our email [email protected] in your address book so that you remove the chance of having our mail being classified as spam.
    5. You can then continue communication from the messaging system and feel free to ask any customised packages to the boat owner. The boat owners will make sure to accommodate your request, if it is something which they can offer. Once the boat owner has a good understanding of what you require, they will make an offer. You can then choose to confirm the offer if it is up to your liking or else continue negotiation until you reach an agreement. Once the offer is confirmed, your details and the boat owner full contact details are exchanged and the rental is confirmed.
    6. In case a deposit is required, you can choose to pay such a deposit directly through PayPal or otherwise, the boat owner will then contact you directly in order to collect payment.
    7. We kindly ask you not to transfer any direct contact details before the booking is confirmed for your own safety. Should the booking be confirmed and you have any trouble with the boat owner, you can simply speak to us and we will help you out by contacting the boat owner directly.

    Video explaining messaging tool for both users & boat owners

    You can watch a short video of how the messaging system works on the video below.

  • 2. Can I collect a deposit for my booking?

    Yes!  You can choose to collect a deposit directly via PayPal (which is very convenient, especially for foreigners) or otherwise you can collect it manually such as through a physical meeting, cheque or bank transfer.

    Learn more about receiving payments through PayPal via our portal.

  • 3. Do I have to pay any extra fee in order to book through the portal?

    No.  One of our policies in order to have boat owners listing their boats on our portal is that they feature their boats with the market prices.  We want a genuine portal where you can find the best prices.  In case you find a cheaper price somewhere else, please contact us and we will contact the boat owner directly.

  • 4. Do I have to pay to feature my boat?

    No.  Listing your boat on our portal is entirely for free.  There are no hidden yearly fees.  In order to be able to support this portal, we charge a minor commission fee only for confirmed bookings.  Thus you will pay only if your boat is booked.  This way you surely have nothing to lose!  What we ask for is that you list your boat in the market price as we want the portal to feature genuine prices for our customers.

    Contact Us and we’ll explain everything in more detail.  We’re looking forward to have you on board!

  • 5. How can I list my boat for rent?

    All you need to do is simply contact us and we'll guide you on what is required to register your boat.  Get in touch with us now, we will love to have your boat on board!

  • 6. Why should I register my boat?

    1. It's 100% free - It is only when a booking is confirmed that we will charge you a minor commission fee.
    2. It's very easy to use.
    3. It's safe & secure.
    4. You can collect deposits directly through us, through PayPal.  Learn more about this feature.