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Fanatic JP

cover-photo-space-search Windsurfer
1 2.85 m
Fanatic JP

The windsurfer are for beginner and advanced surfer. The service of windsurfing and Sup tuition is offered. It is possible to do single lessons and courses on windsurfing Sup as well as tours on sup boards.

The Fanatic JP Windsurfer is suitable for rental and charter for Windsurfing in Malta & Gozo.
Packages Available

Windsurfing lesson for 2 hours: €65 (in group),  €80 (private)

Windsurfing course for 6 hours, divided in 2 sessions: €160 (in group), €200 (private)

Sup lesson for 1 hour: €20

Sup tour for 3 hours: €35

Type of Boat: Windsurfer
Model: Fanatic JP
Boat Length: 2.850000m
Passengers: 1
€25 25 per hour
price includes taxes & VAT
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